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Compactors, Screws & Augers

Screws, Auger, Bodies

SBT have extensive experience of refurbishing, rebuilding and manufacturing augers, screw and bodies for the waste water industry, from small 150mm diameter units to over 1800mm diameter units, at lengths up to

10 metres.

SBT offer repair options for augers typically covering replacement flights, refurbished bearing housings, regrinding of flights, replacement end flights, right through to manufacture of new augers complete.

As for bodies, we have extensive experience of replacing perforated tubes within bodies, thus significantly extending the service life of the unit for significantly less than the cost of a new one. If the original body is beyond refurbishment new bodies can also be fabricated to sample.

Compactor Refurbishment

  • Manufacture of new augers
  • Re-lining of existing troughs
  • Flight replacement and shaft reclamation
  • Manufacture of complete trough assembly
  • Gearbox service exchange facility
  • Fabrication and assembly of screen frame
  • Huber Units
  • Combi-Wash Units
  • Washpactors
  • Tapered Discharge Tubes
  • Bearing Housing Overhauls
Compactors, Screws & Augers Compactor Refurbishment